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About Year 5 and Year 6

About Year 5 and Year 6

Hello and welcome to the Kestrel Class page. We are the oldest in the school and love the responsibility that comes with this.

Our House Captains ensure that we are achieving the best that we can while our Sports Captains are always around to help with games and encourage competition. We all also have a job that benefits the school such as recycling, composting or filling water bottles. We are very proud of our school and want to do our bit to help it run.

When we are not learning (or reading), we love a good trip. As you can see from our photos, we get really excited being out and about. This year, we will have our annual outing the go-kart track, visit London, go to Court Farm and explore the planetarium at Techniquest in Cardiff. We like spending time together outside of school and developing our teamwork and competition skills.

We hope you enjoy these photos showing who we are and what we do.

Mayans - Autumn 2018

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Ancient Greeks - Spring 2019

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